Vehicle Power Distribution

Digital Outputs, Relays, Solid State Relays and many more....

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Vehicle Power Distribution box 8 x 20Amp Solid State TCP/IP WEB Controlled Relay board, Aluminum box, Mil-Std 11 PIN Connector set, RJ45 Connector Set, 12VDC

Spider Power Control Application

Spider Power Distribution application is based on internal TCP/IP Secured wired communication. Based on high-end graphic design, it elevates old-fashioned, hard to move switches to a new level of digital technology.

BF-1010 - DIO10 Ethernet Controller

TCP/IP Ethernet Digital IO (10/10). Remote Control (10DI/ 10DO). WEB BASED Backup and Restore Configuration. LED Indicator. 2 Sets of RS-485 provided for Master & Slave Solution.