VCA Video Content Analysis Surveillance Channel License

Embedded Video Content Analysis License

Number of detection zones or lines - 40
Tamper detect
Camera shake elimination
Surveillance tracker
Presence filter
Full filter set + abandoned and removed object
Class and speed filters + calibration
Direction & dwell filters
Tail-gating filter
On-screen counters
Object Meta data

  • Intruder Perimeter DetectionIntruder Perimeter Detection
  • Camera Shake CancellationCamera Shake Cancellation
  • Camera Tamper DetectionCamera Tamper Detection
  • Enter Exit FiltersEnter Exit Filters
  • Appear Disappear FiltersAppear Disappear Filters
  • Stopping FilterStopping Filter
  • Dwell FilterDwell Filter
  • Direction FilterDirection Filter
  • CountingCounting
  • Abandoned Object DetectionAbandoned Object Detection
  • Removed Object DetectionRemoved Object Detection
  • zone lineszone lines
  • speedspeed
  • calibrationcalibration
  • tailgatingtailgating
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