xPort Face Recognition Grid SDK

Large Scale Grid Computing Face Recognition and License Plate Recognition SDK platform. Price for 5 Licenses.
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xPort is a grid network software package which contains an array of mathematical video analyzers. It allows multiple parallel video analytic processes to extract faces/license plates from high-end video sources. xPort enables central point management tools to control large-scale video analytic solutions, especially for enterprises and governmental facilities.

Processes and media controllers are non-GUI tasks which can be executed on different hardware types. This ensures high scalability and flexibility thus eliminating performance bottlenecks.

The SDK includes:

1. Face Detection/Enrollment/Matching Processor
2. LPR detection/matching Processor
3. Generic Media Source Processor: streaming network video code example
4. xPort Administrator Application
5. C# Code Examples
6. Database example
7. Face/LPR XML results code example
8. Still image code example

Licensing Method: license per PC
The license is generated per PC hardware. There is no limitation on the number of video channels. Virual PC is not supported.